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GET engineers and some of the strongest Riders teamed up to bring you GET-POWER, the new ECU engineered for riders looking to find maximum performance.

This ECU, is GPA ready (Get Power Assistance). This technology is used by simply connecting the optional GPA Switch. The GPA allows you to choose from 1 to 10 engine power

assistance settings and tune the bike at best for any riding style or different track surface and it’s easy to use. (Please find comparison charts on www.getdata.it)
By using the optional PC-ECU Interface you can also download other engine modification maps from the Web in a few easy steps.



  • Performance MAP Ready for Stock Bike & with Racing Exhaust
  • GPA Technology (Get Power Assistance) ready, needs only the optional GPA switch connection
  • Upload different MAPs online via the optional GPI (GET Power Interface)
  • The TPS sensor can be set to 0 with the “0 TPS Cable” with no need for a PC
  • Plug & play: easy and quick installation
  • Improved engine performance (see Power Graphs on our website www.getdata.it )
  • Better acceleration and throttle control
  • RPM limiter tuned by GET engineers (from +100 to max +300 from Stock) in order to gain drive-ability and performance, well within safety

Launch Control-GPA (2016 and newer bikes only)

The technology that made our riders world champion is finally available on the market!!!
LC-GPA is the newly Launch Control system developed by GET Engineers together with the top teams all around the world!
Thanks to the new GET ECU generation, the RX1 processor, this LC-GPA is extremely precise and
works totally differently compared to the common OE systems; it guides you to the perfect RPM
range to get the best start out of your machine (depending if 250 or 450) thanks to its very bright
led that is made to be a kind of RPM dashboard. DESTROY THE START AND GET THE HOLESHOT!